Beginning Spinning on a Supported Spindle - Sunday, December 17, 12-2pm

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Instructor: Becky Wagner
Skill level: Beginner
Max 3 students

***Prerequisite: Recommend taking Beginning spinning on a drop spindle class***

Description: In this class, you will learn about different fiber preparations, types of wool, and why understanding staple length is important to spinning yarn.  You will learn how to create a leader to start spinning, how to draft and add Z and S twist to fibers using both worsted and woolen drafting methods of spinning.  Finally, we will discuss plying and finishing yarn.  You will walk away from this class understanding these concepts and equipped with the skills to practice spinning yarn.

Materials: Support spindle, spindle support chalice (margarita glass works for this), and 1oz or more of wool fiber.  You may bring your own spindle, or classroom spindles are available for use. 
Demonstrated supplies: lazy kate, niddy-noddy, different types of support spindles

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