Beginning Weaving - Sunday, March 10, 12-4pm

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Instructor: Becky Wagner
Level: Beginner
Max 3 students

Description: In this class, you’ll learn weaving terminology, parts of the rigid heddle loom, how to read a weaving pattern, direct warp a rigid heddle loom, weave a cloth in plain weave, create neat selvedges, finish your cloth by hemstitching, remove cloth from the loom and make fringe.  Warp and weft calculations will be discussed.  In this class, you’ll learn these skills while making a set of mug rugs.

Materials: Rigid heddle loom, threader/sley hook, warping peg, craft paper or warp separators, two shuttles, 200 yd of smooth worsted weight yarn in two (or more) different colors that can be purchased from the store.  Please bring your own tapestry needle, scissors and approx. 20yd of waste yarn.  You may bring your own materials, or up to three classroom looms and loom-specific supplies will be available to use.  ***Please notify shop upon registration if classroom looms are needed.***

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