Carnaby Yarn 2 lb

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16 MICRON MERINO WOOL SUPER CHUNKY YARN *** This is yarn, it is not raw roving. It has been hand dyed and felted to add durability, making it the perfect medium for giant knitting projects!!*** How much do I need? Chunky knit scarf - .5kg Baby Blanket/ Wall Hanging 1kg Small blanket 2kgs Medium blanket 3 kgs Large blanket 5 kgs **** 1 KG knits approximately 700 square inches. There are a lot of giant knit blankets on etsy made of raw roving. They look beautiful, but unless you are planning on not using the blanket at all, don't purchase raw roving to make a blanket- is not a suitable material for knitting as it will shed, pill and break very easily. Roving is not designed to be a finished product. This product is actual yarn, it has been hand felted for durability and hand dyed in an array of gorgeous colors. It comes in 1lb+ hanks of your colour choice and is absolutely perfect for super chunky knitting. Merino has the paradoxical ability to keep you warm when you are cold and cool when you are warm. Its natural elasticity allows it to retain its form and thus makes it an ideal fiber for large scale knitting projects.

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