Circumstellar Kit/LYS Day 2019 by Anzula

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Kit includes: 1 skein of our newest yarn, Dottie in Gravity. We started with our super soft Superwash Merino and added a sprinkling of deep black acrylic/poly neps to create a stunning tweed that works up like a dream. It’s soft, and striking, so you can stitch up gorgeous garments with very little effort. 3 mini skeins of Anzula Squishy in either Moon, Galaxy, or Sun collection. Squishy is a long time favorite, so we know you will love it in these mini skeins for pops of color. Each one is about 84 y, plenty for the Circumstellar pattern. 1 LickinFlames Shawl Reuleaux Pin in an exclusive LYS Day glaze that matches your Squishy color collection. Each pin is a unique work of art. We love every single one, it’s gonna be so hard to pack these away… 1 set of Stellar Stitch Sprouts Stitch Markers, exclusive to our LYS Day kits. These work for both knitting or crochet, so if you’re multi-craftual, you will use these all the time! 1 Circumstellar printed pattern. Jen is super generous and included a single use code to add a digital copy to your Ravelry library!

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