Gauge Workshop - Saturday, October 28th, 12-2pm

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Instructor - Christina White

Level: All Levels

Max 12 Students

Description: Learn how to calculate the gauge of your knitting. This valuable skill is useful in planning knitted clothing such as sweaters and cardigans. You will be able to knit the size you want! Knowing how to calculate gauge can help you to make adjustments to the size/shape of any project.

Bring with you: A blocked knitted swatch measuring approximately 4x4 inches 1. Swatch should be knitted in stockinette stitch, ie knitted on one side, purled on the other 2. Use smooth, light colored yarn that has good stitch definition. You want to be able to see the stitches easily. 3. Avoid yarns that are fuzzy, thick and thin or a boucle, these yarns make the stitches harder to discern. 4. You can knit with any yarn weight or fiber content that you want, but note that natural fibers will block easier. 5. Make note of the yarn weight and size needles that you knitted your swatch with and bring to class Here is blocking help from Knit Purl Hunter:

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