Crochet Masterclass, Block 2: Beyond the Basics -- Wednesdays

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Block 2: Beyond the Basics

  • Crochet 104: Tunisian Crochet — Wednesday, May 3, 12-3pm
  • Crochet 105: Corner to Corner — Wednesday, May 17, 12-3pm
  • Crochet 106: Amigurumi — Wednesday, May 31, 12-3pm

Instructor: Elizabeth Moran
Max 4 students
Class Fee: $195 (discount offered for whole course (11 classes) purchase, paid in full -- call shop for details)

Prerequisites: Block 1

Description: Looking to improve your crochet skills and create beautiful projects with confidence? Join our crochet Masterclass!
In this comprehensive course, our experienced instructor will guide you through beginning to advanced techniques and help you take your crochet skills to the next level. Each block builds upon the previous ones — along the way, you’ll learn the basics, new stitches, complex patterns, and techniques for working with different materials. You'll eventually have the opportunity to work on your own projects and receive personalized attention and feedback from the instructor.

Whether you're an experienced crocheter or just starting to explore this wonderful craft, this course is perfect for anyone looking to improve their skills and unleash their creativity. All materials and supplies are included, so you can focus on learning and having fun!

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn from a master crocheter and take your skills to new heights! Enroll today and start creating beautiful projects with confidence.

During this session, you will learn some new skills and explore:

104 - Tunisian Crochet:

  • Return Pass
  • Bind Off
  • Working with live stitches
  • Characteristics of Tunisian Crochet

105 - Corner to Corner:

  • Reading corner to corner charts
  • Stitches that can be worked corner to corner evenly
  • Traditional corner to corner stitch and pattern
  • Colorwork for traditional corner to corner

106 - Amigurumi:

  • Techniques specific to Amigurumi
  • Jog-less Color change
  • Invisible seaming
  • Stuffing
  • Magic Ring

Materials: Included

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