Ply Magazine #40: The Science Issue (Volume 11 - Issue 1)

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  • Are you interested in fibers like soy silk, pineapple, rose, and faux cashmere?
  • Do you wonder if, and which, these bioengineered fibers are good for the planet?
  • Do you want to know how to prep, dye, and spin all the fibers?
  • Are you intrigued by how twist turns fiber into yarn?

The Science issue started out as Science fibers (those manufactured instead of grown in the ground or on the back of a sweet-faced animal), but it grew into so much more! You’ll be engrossed in all the in-depth articles on all the lab-made fibers you can think of (soy, milk, corn, SeaCell, lotus, mint, banana, pineapple, Tencel, Ramie, rose, pearl, bamboo, etc.); captivated by all the info on how to prep, dye, blend, and spin each fiber; and intrigued by how they’re made, their environment impact, and which are “green” and which are not. But that’s not all. We’ll also talk about the science of wool, how your wheel ratios work, how different ply methods affect twist, why sheep shed, and if you really should be rewinding your singles. There’s spinning in Morse code, regenerative farming, and using your intuition in your spinning. This issue is full and fun and so so informative.

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