Crochet For Knitters - Wednesday, February 16th, 12-2pm

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Instructor: Elizabeth Moran
Level: Beginner Crochet
Max 4 students

Description: So you can knit, you may even be able to knit all of the things. Yet crochet has escaped you. You just cannot seem to get the hang of the differences between the two. This class is designed for you. In this class, we will work on the biggest problem areas that knitters face when learning to crochet. We will learn how to chain, work back into the chain with single crochet and double crochet, and be mindful of our muscle memory. You won’t walk out of the class knowing how to crochet all of the things but you will walk away with confidence that you can say you crochet.

A kit can be purchased in-store for $20 (includes one ball of yarn, a hook, and a crochet pocket guide)
One crochet hook size H, I, J, or K.
One skein of smooth, solid-colored worsted weight yarn. Avoid very dark colors and fuzzy yarns

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