Flower Child by Knit Collage

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Flower Child matches our bulky Wanderlust yarn in color and yarn spin but it is embellished with delicate lurex and thread flowers. These flower appliqués are each lovingly handmade and are approximately 1.5" in diameter. Like Wanderlust, this yarn is lofty, luscious and all sorts of yummy in a range of gorgeous handcarded and handspun colors. Each color combination has its own unique set of fiber colors. Even though the raw materials are the same, no two skeins are completely alike because of the intense handmade process that goes into each and every skein. Flower Child is perfect for accessories and home projects. Content: 100% wool Length: Approx. 30 yards Gauge: About .5 to 1 stitch per inch Yarn Weight: 200 grams Suggested needle size: US 35/50 or 19/25MM Washing instructions: gently handwash and lay flat to dry
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