Knitted Wit Over the Moon Advent-ish Kit

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"This 2021 advent-ish kit is called Over the Moon, and that’s how we feel about it! It’s a ShannaJean collaboration, and if you took part in our 2020 Attitude of Gratitude kit, you know how special this is.

So what exactly is it? It’s an advent, of sorts, with a countdown, not to a holiday, but through the last month of the year to the last day of the year. Our goal in offering this is to encourage us all to close out the year on a positive note, realizing what we have and, to quote Hamilton, “how lucky we are to be alive right now...” We feel like, in light of all of the stress and upheaval 2021 has thrown at us so far, we are all entitled to a little bit of that (and yes, we have lifted language directly from our 2020 listing, because we are still living in lots of stress and upheaval!).

Each day in December 2021, participants will open an envelope, and get a professionally-printed Over the Moon card. The Over the Moon deck has been custom-designed by the Knitted Wit team to reflect themes that are associated with different moon phases. Much like the Gratitude deck from 2020, participants are encouraged to reflect on each day’s word if they feel called to do so. Most days, another little something will be included: either a Gems 10 mini skein (10g/45 yds) to incorporate into the full skein you get at the beginning of the month, OR something extra like a bag of soothing herbal tea, a tapestry needle perfect for sewing on buttons, or a stitch marker. The featured pattern is Shannon Squire’s super fun Amazing Technicolor Dream Cowl, and at the end of the month, participants will have a super cute cowl to wear or gift!"

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