Knitting 101: Continental - Wednesdays, November 1 &15, 5-7pm

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Instructor: Stephanie Kasenter
Level: Beginner
Max 4 students

Description: Crocheters, DO you want to learn how to knit? Then this is the knitting class for you! We will learn the basics of knitting in the Continental style, which is the most familiar for crocheters. You will learn Slip Knot, Long tail cast on, knit, purl, binding off, and basic pattern reading. This class is for beginners and not for knitters that want to switch styles.

Materials: Worsted weight yarn that is smooth with size US 8 or 9 needles in straight or circular. Avoid very dark colors and fuzzy yarns where it is hard to see the individual strands. Kits, which include one ball of yarn and US 8 needles, can be purchased in-store.

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