LYS Day 2022 by Anzula

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Reefs & Atolls Cowl by Karin Wilmoth:  Anzula Squishy in both two full-size skeins and one Skeinette Chain. Kit includes:

  • 2 full-size skeins of Anzula Squishy (sample is in Seaside)

  • 1 Squishy Skeinette Chain (sample is in Ocean)

  • 1 Reefs & Atolls Cowl printed pattern

  • 1 Mini Soak packet


Distino Shawl by Faina Goberstein: Anzula Squishy in two colorways.

Kit includes:

  • 2 full-size skeins of Squishy
  • Mini-soak packet in a surprise scent
  • Printed pattern
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