Within: Knitting Patterns to Warm the Soul by Jane Richmond & Shannon Cook

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Within (Marian Rae Publications; $21.95, October 2016) is the newest collaboration by designers Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook, featuring six signature patterns for wherever your heart takes you. Inside, you’ll find patterns for accessories, a shawl, and what may become your new favourite everyday garments. Together, the pieces in this accessible collection make a functional and beautiful addition to any knitter’s wardrobe

More than a pattern book, Within has lush, full colour photos that take the knitter on a visual journey along with Gryffin and her beau, through a world of modern rustic coziness designed to stimulate the senses and kindle inspiration. This hand-picked collection allows the knitter to feel it’s possible to make each and every item in the book.

All print books of Within include a special coupon code on the inside back cover to access your fully interactive e-Book, as well as individual PDF copies of all patterns in the book. You can redeem your code at http://ravel.me/mrp.
For a limited time orders of Within will also include two special FREE bonus patterns - Shoreline Cowl by Shannon Cook and Lodge Toque by Jane Richmond, that were specially designed to use leftover yarns from the the projects in Within.

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