Motif Crochet - Sundays, May 22 & June 12, 12-3pm

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Instructor: Elizabeth Moran
Level: Intermediate
Max 4 students

Description: If you have ever wanted to make irish lace but weren't sure where to start, this is the class for you!
Class 1: During the first session we will make our border, learn about padding cord, how to read motif charts and work on basic motifs.
Class 2: This session is all about fill in. We will be making the background lace work for our shawl. We will learn basic fill in techniques as well as how to finish our piece.
For this class you will be provided with a set of free source motif charts for various motifs as well as guidance on motif placement. As the project is intricate we will be learning the techniques one at a time in class and there will be work that needs done at home, for this reason each class is two weeks apart to allow time for homework to be completed. I will be available to answer any questions that may arise between classes as well.

Materials: Crochet Hooks 1 size smaller than recommended hook for yarn size
2 different colors of smooth yarn. No mohair, fuzzy, novelty yarns.

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