Needle Felted Origami Butterfly - Friday, August 19th, 3-5 pm

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Instructor: Megan Fiscus
Level: Advanced Beginner
Max 6 students

Learn the skill of wet felting a sheet of wool with a design that you then fold like origami and needle felt to hold its shape. Big or small, you can use this technique to make lots of interesting art pieces.
Needle felting is the meditative art of sculpting wool with a needle.
Wool in a variety of colours depending on the design that you would like your butterfly to have.
Plastic mesh, like tulle
Bubble wrap (does not have to be fresh, but should be clean)
A couple of felting needles
Highly recommended: A foam block (upholstery foam square, the thicker the better) or a brush block. High density gloves or fingertip covers are a great idea if you have depth perception issues, at least until you get more experience.

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