Needle Felting: Anatomical Human Heart - Tuesday, February 1st, 11:30am-1:30pm

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Instructor: Megan Fiscus
Level: Beginner/Advanced
Max 5 students

Description: Whether you wish to create a gift of your heart to give to your loved one or make a heart that you can stab repeatedly for the wrongs it has perpetrated, this craft is for you! We will be using a number of techniques including forming, attaching, and adding colour and details. Experience with needle felting is not required but is definitely encouraged.

Felting needles
A brush block or a generously deep 6x6 square of upholstery foam (highly recommended)
A golf ball sized amount of Poly-fil
Wool roving in blue, red, and cream
Embroidery thread in blue and red
A sturdy and sharp sewing needle

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