Needle Felting: Cupid Thursday, January 23rd, 5-7pm

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Instructor: Megan Fiscus

Level: Advanced Beginner

Max 6 Students

Description: Cupid’s little butt all aglow with the power of love will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Make it a pin, a charm, or a mounted statue. The possibilities are endless!

Materials: Wool roving in your Cupid’s flesh tone, a very small amount of wool roving in white, black, any color for the eyes if desired, and a shade of pink for Cupid’s rosy bum and cheeks, a small amount of wool roving in Cupid’s hair color, and a small amount of white wool roving for Cupid’s wings. Optional: a small amount of wool roving in your desired color for Cupid’s sash (censored Cupid), ALSO: pin back, cordage, or a finished wooden dowel and base to mount Cupid Optional: Learn how to make the bow and arrow with wire, a rubber band, a toothpick, and some duct tape

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