Plying and Finishing Methods - Sunday, April 2, 12-3pm

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Instructor: Becky Wagner
Level: Advanced Beginner
Max 3 students

Description: This is the third in a series of classes designed to teach spinning on a spinning wheel. In this class we will discuss plying and finishing methods for the different types of yarn (woolen vs worsted). Using previously spun singles yarns, we will explore making 2-ply and 3-ply yarns, chain plying, Andean plying, and cable plying. Finally, we’ll finish our yarns and set the twist by giving them a bath!

**Pre-requisites/Required Skills: Spinning Wheels 101 and Drafting Methods for Spinning and/or must be able to spin a continuous strand of woolen and worsted yarn without assistance**

Materials: A spinning wheel in good working order (meaning that the bobbins move freely on the shaft, everything turns when the treadles are pushed, nothing falls apart during spinning and the drive band is in good condition) is required; at least 1 bobbin compatible with your wheel, and two bobbins with pre-spun singles yarn for plying. You may bring your own wheel, or two classroom e-spinners are available for use. **Please notify the shop upon registration if classroom e-spinners are needed**

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