Punch Needle Basics - Sunday, August 21, 12-2pm

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Instructor: Megan Fiscus
Level: Beginner
Max 6 Students

Punch Needle is super fun and easy once you are familiar with the materials and how to use them together effectively. In this class, we will learn about the materials and how to create our own designs or use kits or patterns.

You will need yarn of various colours, but the weight (size) of the yarn will depend on the size of your punch needle. Generally speaking, the needles available in most craft shops are the Fine, the Adjustable Plastic, and the Oxford styles. Fine works well with Sport weight or lower weight yarns, and the Adjustable Plastic and Oxford styles are used with Worsted Weight or heavier yarns.
An embroidery hoop or grippy frame and enough Monk’s Cloth (make sure you opt for the kind that has guidelines on it, it’s a bit sturdier) to cover the surface area of the hoop or frame with a bit of extra allowance on all sides.
A yarn needle and a pair of scissors will also be helpful items for this class.

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