Spinning on a Drop Spindle 102 - Saturday, December 9, 2-4pm

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Instructor: Becky Wagner
Level: Advanced Beginner
Max 4 students

***Prerequisite: Recommend taking Beginning spinning on a drop spindle class, or be able to make a length of yarn without assistance. ***

Description: In this class, you will continue to build upon the foundations of drop spindle spinning. We will explore suspended drop spindle spinning.  You will continue to build comfort with drafting fiber to spin into yarn by learning woolen and worsted methods of drafting.  This class is for those seeking more assistance in drop spindle spinning, or are ready to further their skills in drop spindle spinning.

Materials: Drop spindle, 1oz or more of wool fiber, and waste yarn.  You may bring your own spindle, purchase from the store, or classroom spindles are available for use.
Demonstrated supplies: lazy kate, niddy-noddy, different types of drop spindles

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