Mood Stitch Markers

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Set of 5 snagfree stitch markers.Will fit US0-8 needles
Please specify pink or blue and we will do our best to honor the request depending on stock

Black - Tense, inhibited, harassed. Undergoing mental or nervous strain, intellectually preoccupied or overworking.
Grey - Unfeeling and emotional detached.
Brown - Strained with anxieties and troubled.
Orange - Mixed feelings, on edge and disquieted.
Yellow - Unsettled, scattered thoughts.
Green - Actively involved and not under great stress.
Turquoise Blue - Emotionally charged and somewhat relaxed.
Bright Blue - Relaxed, feeling loose with emotions, flowing. At ease with yourself.
Violet Blue - The ultimate. Totally involved emotionally, with a high degree of attention, passion or inner focus. A feeling of being open, happy, satisfied.

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