Sock Finishing (Toe decrease / Kitchener stitch) - Saturday. September 7, 1:30-3:30pm

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Instructor: Heather M. Brown
Skill level: Intermediate / Has already knit cuff-down sock without having completed the toe.
Max 5 students
**PRE-REQUISITE: Completed Heather Brown’s Cuff-Down Sock class and are ready to close the toe (1" from the edge of wearer’s big toe).**
Description: Are you ready to close that toe?! Let us help with that!

This 2-hour class will allow us to work through the decreases on the toe together and then close it with the Kitchener stitch to allow students to end class with a completed sock.

Materials: At least one sock ready for toe decreases and one tapestry needle.

**It is imperative that you have a sock ready to finish when you come to class.** Time will not be allotted in class to knit the foot. All students must arrive with a sock complete knit to 1" from the edge of the intended wearer's big toe.

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