Socks of Iceland by Hélène Magnússon

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With the book Socks of Iceland, Hélène Magnússon is reinventing the tradition of socks in Iceland. Taking inspiration from old Icelandic socks and historical patterns but also traditional Icelandic mittens, the book contains 17 sock patterns with a definite Icelandic flair. Mid-calf socks, high socks, half-leg socks, all the socks come into multiple sizes and feature all sorts of techniques (stranded knitting, a bit of lace and cables, slip stitches) and interesting constructions, top down or toe up, with quite many variations on heels and toes. They will ravish beginners and more advanced knitters alike. Through the history of socks, the book also draws a poignant history of everyday life in Iceland through centuries past.

17 Sock Patterns
112 Pages
Soft Cover
21cm x 29.5cm | 8.25 in x 11.69 in
Publisher: Prjónakerling ehf. 2021

The printed book includes a unique code to download the digital version PDF on Ravelry.

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