Too Cute Amigurumi by Jennifer Santos

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Get ready to discover just how adorable crochet can be as you take your amigurumi skills up a stitch with 30 perfect projects that are bursting at the seams with cuteness. Jennifer Santos, founder of the aptly-named Super Cute Design, is known in the crochet community for her intricate and colorful amigurumi patterns. Now she’s sharing all of her knowledge and enthusiasm for the craft in this fantastic collection, so you can crochet your own menagerie of charming dolls with confidence.

Whether you’re a complete crochet beginner looking to dive into a new craft or a seasoned amigurumi master on the hunt for new and exciting patterns, Jennifer has you covered every step of the way. Practice her best tips for tackling tricky elements such as changing colors seamlessly, successfully stuffing and assembling your amigurumi and the secrets behind the invisible decrease as you crochet your way through playful patterns like:

• Magical Unicorn Popsicle
• Wonderful Watermelon
• Good Luck Raindrop
• Sour & Sweet Lemonade
• Aloe-You-Vera Much
• Donut Worry Turtle
• Sweet Succulent Family
• And so many more!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your hooks and your brightest yarn and get ready for some seriously cute crochet. You—and your amigurumi!—are sure to be smiling every stitch of the way.


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